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Creation is the only Truth
Creation is the only Truth
By Marvin Pirila


When the Big Bang occurred about 14 billion years ago, scientists agree there was no life initially present.  Scientists then suggested the perfect set of chemicals pooled together and when struck with a catalyst like electricity spurred spontaneous life (Stanley Miller Experiment, 1953).  This theory has been dismissed by most scientists because the chemicals present in the original atmosphere were unknown.  Still, the theory still exists in many biology textbooks.  The theory itself contradicts the Law of Biogenesis that states that life can only come from life.  

Let’s entertain the theory of life from chemicals for a moment.  Evolutionists contend that from this ‘simple cell’ we now have the incredible diversity we witness today.  However, where we see evidence of microevolution or slight changes with a species, we do not see macroevolution or changes from one species into another.  The fossil record clearly shows that birds were always birds and fish always fish.  For evolution to exist, there must be fossils dating back endlessly in time showing evidence of one species becoming another and it doesn’t.

Microbiologist Michael Behe termed the words ‘irreducibly complex’ to explain that biological machines need all their various parts to function.  The problem he summarized is that these complex systems can perform no function until all the parts are present and working in close coordination with one another.  This is another devastating blow to the idea of natural selection acting on random variables required of evolution.

The Big Bang has done more to suggest Intelligent Design than chance.  Evolution, taken for its grand claims, requires an almost endless period, showcasing nearly endless small changes to species.  Even though 14 billion years is long, evolutionists desired a nearly infinite period.  The fact that the earth, universe, and conditions necessary for life presented itself so spontaneously blew up the evolution theory.


The fossil record has a place where you can’t find anything else and at this place life forms are already present in all its different species. In fact, at the beginning of the Cambrian period, there were suddenly an explosion of life representatives, fundamentally different in their body plans, yet full developed.  Paleontologists have called this the single most spectacular phenomenon of the fossil record.


The next issue for atheists to overcome is causation.  If you go back to the very beginning of time, it reasons that something or someone had to set the first action into motion.  Prior to the first instance of life there had to be numerous conditions for it to exist and survive.  These include the Earth being just the right distance from the Sun and moon, the Earth tilting just right during its orbit, the right oxygen must be present, on and on…  Imagine taking every part necessary for a car and throwing it all into a tornado and a bright, new shiny working automobile is left behind in its wake. Probability, zero.


The information required in life at its most basic roots is known to come from one entity – intelligence.  


The truth is that atheism exists on principles of ignorance, denial, and failure to recognize scientific laws and truths.  Science has led us to these findings, and many scientists to its truth.  The facts are there and the mystery, while still there and always to be there, has a true source – God.

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